Styled tables with a header row and horizontal striping.

By default tables on our website look pretty plain, but we do have options available to spiff up tables.

To access the options, put your cursor in the table, click the table dropdown button in the toolbar use the “Table Properties,” “Table Row Properties,” and “Table Cell Properties” menu items to specify styling for your table.

There are a bunch of options for styling your table:

  • In the Row and Cell Properties menu, use the Cell/Row type to select the header style. This will give you a red background with white text.
  • To have shaded table rows throughout your table, in the Table Properties menu use the Class dropdown to select a style.
  • To shade specific rows or cells, use the Class dropdown in the Table Cell/Row Properties to select a shading color.
  • To make all borders visible on your table, use the Table Properties menu and choose “All Borders” from the Class dropdown.

For more information, see the Styling Tables article in the documentation.