You may notice starting today that there is a new format menu availablestyle examples when you are editing text in Zuse. These should make it easier for you to write pages with specific styling needs and keep your site accessible. The new options are:

  • Small text: Use small text for warnings or disclaimers.
  • Large text: This should be used in introductory text or other text you want to emphasize that isn’t a heading. It shouldn’t be used in please of the heading styles, but should be used when you want to have large text that isn’t a heading. For example, see the Career Connect homepage.
  • Alerts: Use these styles to emphasize notices and warnings on your site. This is especially good for items that are temporary. These work the same as the Notice Zuse Create modules, but you can now add them in Rich Text.
  • Screen Reader Only text: When you apply this style to text, it won’t be visible on the page, but will be visible to screen readers. Use this if you need to distinguish links for screen readers when it may be obvious for sighted users. Feel free to ask the web team if you think this may be a useful style for you but aren’t sure.

You can use these options with the “Format” dropdown in the second row of buttons in the toolbar. If you don’t see the second row of buttons, use the “Toggle Toolbar” button to open it up.

format dropdown

If you have questions, please contact the webteam at