As you may know, the web team works hard to make our website accessible. This means our content can be consumed by people of all abilities. This is good because we want everyone to be able to access our content, but we are also required by the Department of Education to meet accessibility standards.

Web editors have a part to play in web accessibility as well. To help editors build and maintain sites that are accessible, we are going to begin sending editors regular accessibility reports similar to the broken link and misspelling reports you should already be getting.

The reports will report on issues such as:

  • All images have appropriate alt text.
  • All links are descriptive.
  • Appropriate HTML tags are used.

Additional items that the reports may not catch, but that web editors are responsible for include:

  • PDFs are accessible. This means they cannot be scans of documents, but must be made directly using the program that was used to create them.
  • Images don’t contain text.
  • Videos are captioned or transcripts are available.
  • Headers are used appropriately on the page.

The web team will be working in the next month to set up Accessibility reports for all sites. We may reach out to you with questions about how you would like the reports configured. If you would like to get to work on this ASAP, please contact us, and we’ll set you up first!

Thank you all for the work you do on our website.