See which tabs & accordions site visitors are clicking on

We are now tracking clicks on tabs and accordion items in Site Improve. You can use this data to see which information is the most popular. We have been collecting this data for tabs since May 8th and for accordions starting June 12th. Data from before those dates is unavailable.

To view the analytics:

  1. From the Site Improve Analytics page, choose Event Tracking > Pages with Events from the menu on the left side.
  2. Select the page with the tab or accordion menu you are interested in. (It may help to choose the group in the top grey bar first to filter to only pages on your site.)
  3. Select Events from the menu on the side. Look for the “Tab Switch” events and the “Accordion Click” events.

Note: Don’t be alarmed if you see events with a label in a foreign language. This happens if someone is using their browser to translate our website.

Want help viewing this data? Have other questions about how people are using your site? For more information about using Site Improve to track visitors behavior, please reach out to the web team at We can help you find out what your more popular pages are, how people are getting to your site, and what they are clicking on once they are there.

Update to look and feel of tabs

You may have noticed that when a screen was small or there were a large number of tabs, the tabs would wrap and look a little funny:

Now, the site will detect that this is happening and display the tabs as “pills” or buttons instead of tabs when there is more than one line of them.

This especially effects site visitors using mobile devices when most of our tab menus would not fit on a single line.

There is no need for you to do anything. This change is implemented automatically when the tab menu is too wide to fit on a single line.