Some sites have pages with timely or quickly changing content where it may be useful for site visitors to know the last time that the page was reviewed and updated. You can now add a Zuse Create module or shortcode to your page that will display the date of the last update to the page.

view on site highlightedWhen To Use

This module should not be used on every page of your site. It should only be used when the knowledge of when the page was last updated might be useful to site visitors. For example:

  • The page is updated frequently.
  • The page pertains to information that is changing.
  • The content on the page may change in the future.
  • Policies where the date of change is important.

Be careful about using this module on pages that won’t be updated frequently. If the page displays that it hasn’t been updated recently, it can make your whole website look out of date. When putting this module on a page, it may be a good idea to also make a reminder for yourself to review the page within six months and update it as necessary. If you don’t expect to need to make any changes to the page in the next six months, it may not be appropriate to use this feature on your page.

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