We have recently added some new features that you can use with Forms. Please note that all of these features must be turned on on a site-by-site basis. If you think you could use one of these features, please email webteam@uwsa.edu to request we turn it on for your site.

Survey Form Field Options

You can now include more types of fields in your form, including Likert (grid of responses), Raking and Rating Fields. These can allow you to collect more complicated information, and make it easier for people filling out your form.

likert rankingrating

Collect Email From Page Protected By Groups

If you have a form that is protected by UW Groups, you can now collect the email of the person who has logged in to view the form. This way, people filling out the form don’t have to re-enter their information after logging in. Read more about how you can set this up.

passing email

Display Form Responses

You can now display the entries from your form on your site for viewing by site visitors. This is helpful if people need to be able to see what others have submitted. For example, we used this for our Potluck Sign Up so everyone could see what others were bringing while they were signing up.