1. Update to Zuse Look & Feel

    You may have noticed that we made some changes to our site last night. We have made some updates to the style of the community and umbrella sites to make […]

  2. Physical Address in Contact Info

    Next week, we are making some changes to the footer to match the look of the new homepage’s footer. The content of the footer on your site will not change, […]

  3. New UW System homepage set to soft launch tonight

    We are planning to soft launch our redesigned UW System homepage tonight. The Office of University Relations’ web team has been working on a new www.wisconsin.edu since last year, and the time is right to go live as a Phase I step.

  4. Using Indenting

    Many people may not know they can indent text in the Classic Editor. It is important that we use indentation in a consistent way throughout our site.

  5. Upcoming Zuse Trainings

    There is a Design Deep Dive scheduled for May 12 and Open Labs on May 7 and May 20. Hope to see you there.