The Web Team relies on you, our users, to notify us when you find issues with our content management system (Zuse). We run tests and look for bugs and issues during QA, but we can sometime miss them.  You can report bugs by email (, phone (3-2203), or scheduling a meeting with us.

It’s important to report bugs

The Web Team is always on the lookout for issues within our CMS, but we use the system in different ways then most users, so we can miss things. We are usually logged in as Admins, which means we have different permissions that editors and authors, so we don’t always catch issues related to those permissions. There are parts of the website that we don’t visit regularly, so we may miss bugs that only happen on specific parts of the site.

Even if you have a way to work around a bug, please to report it anyway. We build our system to work for you, and if it is not working for you we want to know. If something is not working for you, it is probably causing other people problems too. Further, sometimes workarounds work but produce less professional results. This is something we strongly want to avoid.

Ways to report a bug

There are a number of ways to report a bug:

  • You can use our web form, or email
  • If it is a high priority issue, affecting the ability of site visitors to get the information they are looking for, please call us at 608-263-2203. Feel free to call about lower priority issues too, if you would rather explain over the phone.
  • If it is a more complicated issue, or you would feel more comfortable discussing it in person, feel free to schedule a meeting with Rachel Klingler.
  • Come to an Open Lab in Van Hise to talk to someone from the web team in person.
  • Stop by Rachel Klingler’s desk at 780 Regent street. Rachel sits near OIS, on the side furthest from the windows that face the parking lot.

After your report

Depending on the severity of the bug, we will prioritize fixing the bug. We can upload “hot fixes” to the site, so we don’t usually have to wait for a maintenance window to put the fix to the problem into production.

New Features

What if nothing is wrong with how the site currently works, but you have an idea for an improvement to the site? The Web Team is interested in your ideas for how we can improve Zuse with new features. We have a lot of priorities to juggle, so we will be thoughtful about implementing new features.

If you have an idea for a new feature, please fill out the New Feature Request form. Using this form makes sure that we have all of the information we need for prioritizing your request. If you are unsure about your idea, please feel free to contact us first so we can talk through the request before you make it.