1. Be a bug reporter!

    The Web Team relies on you, our users, to tell us when there are issues with our system. You can report bugs by email, webteam@uwsa.edu, phone, at 3-2203, or scheduling a meeting with us.

  2. How does the search work?

    Ever wondered why something is or is not appearing in search results? With a little explanation, you will know what to expect with our search.

  3. Using Callouts Effectively

    Good callout example: context, button, image

    The callout box module of Zuse create includes many options which allow it to be used for many different purposes. When designing callout box modules, usability and maintainability concerns require […]

  4. Announcing a New Deep Dive

    We have been busily preparing for a brand new deep dive which we are calling Designing with Zuse. Karin, our designer, and I have planned an hour long session that […]