1. Quality Assurance

    In an effort to maintain a consistent tone, message, and brand across the entire UW System website, as well as check for accessibility compliance, UWSA web policies and guidelines, responsive and mobile friendly design, the Web Team sits down together monthly and performs a quality assurance (QA) review.

  2. March Zuse Updates

    Some quick updates this month, including a new role built just for stakeholders, a reminder to check for dust bunnies on your pages, and some great upcoming deep dives.

  3. Spring Cleaning in Zuse!

    We’ve been live for about four months! Even if it doesn’t look like spring outside, it is time to check in on our websites.

  4. What is Testing?

    You may have heard members of the Web Team talk about website testing, but not many people know exactly what this means. Testing for browser compatibility, mobile usability, and responsive design is much more involved than someone from the team looking at the website on their smartphone or tablet.

  5. UWSA Employee Resources – Request for Content

    We are gathering links to sites, pages, or other resources that are specifically for – or of particular interest to – UWSA employees, such as HR info, staff photo directory, staff newsletters, my.wisconsin.edu, Helpdesk, etc.

  6. New Posts & Upcoming Deep Dives

    The Web Team has begun using the blog on the Digital Communication site to post about topics that you may be interested in and keep you in the loop about what is coming up.

  7. Redirects Expiring Soon!

    When we went live with Zuse, most of the URLs for our pages changed. In a couple months, to keep operations clean, we are going to begin removing these redirects.