1. Search Engine Optimization

    Many people are interested in how to help their pages show up higher in Google and other search engine results. Here are some tips for how you can write content to improve site and page rankings in search engine results.

  2. Using a Form in Zuse to Collect Registrations

    Registration form in Zuse

    The Zuse Forms feature has many options that make it useful for collecting event registrations. Learn how to use forms in Zuse to create a registration form.

  3. Deep Dives Scheduled

    I have scheduled a bunch of deep dives based on the interest surveys you completed. We encourage all authors and editors to attend a couple training sessions every year to keep your knowledge of the system current.

  4. Site Improve Report Arrival

    Just a reminder you that the Site Improve reports arrived last night. You have seven days to clean up any broken links reported on this report.

  5. Site Improve Reports

    You should have gotten a Site Improve Report last night. Remember that all broken links and misspellings need to be fixed within seven days of receiving the Site Improve report.

  6. New Broken Links Policy

    If any broken links are found by Site Improve, they must be fixed within 7 days of getting the Site Improve email. If they are not fixed, the links will be taken down by the Web Team.

  7. Training Survey Due Tomorrow & Upcoming Open Labs

    If you haven’t already, please fill out the survey about training. Please complete it even if you haven’t attended any training recently – it will help us design training that is relevant to you! Please complete the survey by the end of the day Thursday.