1. Zuse Training Feedback Request & Upcoming Deep Dives

    As we move forward with our new website, we are evaluating our training plan. Please help us plan for the future by completing a survey about how we can better help you use the system.

  2. January Zuse Updates

    Information about our new website, using Site Improve, training updates and new features.

  3. New Zuse Features

    The web team has been busy making updates to the system so it will work better for you. Learn more details about updates to Document Titles, Callout Links and Duplicating Content.

  4. Case Study: Building the Digital Communications Website

    To kick off our blog, I’m going give you an overview of the steps we took to build our community site. These can be a helpful guide if you are thinking of building your own site.

  5. Action Required: ModX Going Offline

    Overnight on January 30th, University Relations will be decommissioning ModX. Please make sure that you don’t have anything on the new site still pointing to or relying on content in ModX.

  6. Upcoming Deep Dives

    I have scheduled a couple Deep Dive training sessions in the next two weeks.