1. New Form Features Available

    We have recently added some new features that you can use with Forms. Please note that all of these features must be turned on on a site-by-site basis. If you […]

  2. WordPress Upgrade Features

    We completed an upgrade today, and there are a few new features that you may want to use while editing in Zuse.

  3. Upgrade Planned

    Zuse Users, As you saw in the email from Tom, we will be upgrading WordPress on the morning of Friday November 13th morning, and the website will be down for […]

  4. What are Excerpts?

    An excerpt is a snippet of your post or news story that display on post lists. They are important because site visitors read them to decide if they want to click and read the whole news story.

  5. WordPress Version Upgrade: User Testing Window

    In preparation of a WordPress upgrade, we have moved these upgrades to our test website and would like to invite any interested Zuse users who have a moment in the next week to test the changes.

  6. Using Paste As Text

    To ensure consistent formatting on your website, you should get in the habit of clicking the “Paste as text” button before pasting anything from an outside source into the Rich Text module. By doing this, you wipe away any formatting that may have carried over from the original source and format your content in Zuse as a blank slate.

  7. Office Page Shortlinks

    It is not unusual need to print a link to an office snapshot. Business cards, letterhead, brochures, and email signatures are all places where people want to have a link […]

  8. Share Analytics Data

    Do you have stakeholders who would like to view statistics about the traffic on your website? You can use Site Improve to generate easy to read PDF reports of analytics information that can be shared with people who don’t have a Site Improve account.

  9. Rosters and Campus Links

    Many people have rosters and campus links on their sites. When we went live, there were a wide variety of ways of presenting this type of information. The Web Team is working to standardize the way this information is presented across our site.

  10. New Fiscal Year – Please update your site

    With the good weather and outdoor fun comes a reminder to update your website.