We are days away from the October 31st content migration deadline.  Remember, all content needs to be migrated by October 31st at 5pm in order for the team to begin testing and QA. Once testing begins, the team hopes to have it completed within a few weeks.  We will keep you posted on our progress.

Listed below are changes you can and cannot make during testing and QA.  We highly recommend you keep track of all needed changes that you are unable to make during testing so that you can update your community sites once the website is live.

During the freeze you WILL be able to do the following:
• Make corrections to spelling, grammar, and broken links.
• Update information on your department’s office snapshot.
• Upload new versions of posted documents.
• Participate in training sessions.
• Delete content as long as it does not impact page menus.
• Create UW groups.
• Create pages and content in your sandbox.
• Report bugs to the web team.

During the freeze DO NOT :
• Create or post new content (pages, news stories, blogs, events, forms, videos, images, photos, etc.) on a page or in Zuse Create.
• Add additional text or content on pre-existing pages.
• Update or change forms.
• Edit or change menus.
• Request additional functionality in Zuse.
• Request new community sites or add/change staff permission to community sites.

There are still a few open lab sessions scheduled for you to get migration help. Visit the Zuse training site for more information.