UW Colleges and UW-Extension (UWCX) employees who receive layoff notices will be allowed to apply for jobs at any UW System institution as an internal candidate, for a period of three years from the date of layoff. Allowing laid off employees to apply as internal candidates for a period of three years from date of layoff is consistent with current UW System layoff policy. However, current practice limits this benefit to the institution from which the employee was laid off. Given that UW Colleges and UW-Extension will no longer exist, it is recommended that UWCX employees be able to apply as internal candidates to any institution within the UW System.

UW Colleges and UW-Extension employees who have been laid off as a result of the restructuring should have the ability to receive notice of UW institutions internal-only hiring and to compete for such positions as if they worked for that institution. UW-Shared Services will keep information about internal-only hiring opportunities available to the extent they receive such information from UW institutions, but UWCX employees should also let UW institutions know of their interest in being considered for internal hiring opportunities.

A list of laid off employees will be maintained by staff from the UWCX Office of Human Resources (OHR) and human resources questions should be directed to OHR staff. As OHR transitions to UW-Shared Services, specific employees in human resources will be designated to carry out these responsibilities.


The March 8, 2019 UW Restructuring Project Employment Update memo from Jackie Joseph-Silverstein, Executive Officer of UW Colleges and UW-Extension (UWCX), to UWCX central administration employees, provided general guidance to employees on what they could expect regarding their employment over the coming months. The memo indicated that UWCX layoff policies will be followed for each employee. No further details were provided in the document.

Next Steps

Distribute decision to all UW System institutional leadership and Chief Human Resource Officers.

Designate OHR employees who will be responsible for maintaining a list of laid off UWCX employees.