The purposes of reporting and operations, receiving institutions should use the 2017-18 UDDS structure for the 2018-19 fiscal year. All operations will officially transfer July 1, 2019 unless specifically approved by System Administration leadership prior to July 1, 2019.


The UDDS (Unit, Division, Department, Sub-department) structure that is now referred to as DEPTID in the Shared Financial System is used by various functional units across the system. With the UW Restructuring, there is a need to clarify how the future structure will be defined. While the change in accreditation will mean UW Colleges students will become students of the receiving institution, the UW Colleges as a business entity will continue to exist through at least June 30th, 2019.

Next Steps

The structure for beyond July 1, 2019 needs to be defined this year. In order to align resources across the institution, provide resource allocation, and perform accurate required reporting and analysis, a consistent and integrated structure must be adopted.

• Shared Financial and Budget systems, Human Resources, Facilities, and Academic departments should set up each “branch” campus as a distinct division within the Chart of Accounts for 2019-20. This will provide the flexibility needed to manage resources and systems, accurately respond to internal and external reporting requirements (including HLC and Federal), and generate meaningful analytical products (e.g. cost, workload, utilization).

• The 2019-20 unit for the branch campuses will be the unit of the receiving institution (for example UW-Rock (currently R) would be defined as a division of unit N (UW-Whitewater), and unit R would no longer exist).

• Department/sub-departments for 2019-20 can be set up according to campus practice and should also align across systems. The UDDS (Unit, Division, Department, sub-department) structure should be validated by each institution’s CBO and entered by the Controller (or responsible campus designee) into the Shared Financial System (SFS) by Wednesday, August 15th, 2018. This structure should be broadly shared on the receiving institution’s campuses with all impacted users of the UDDS structure.

Data submissions and transfers reflecting 2019-20, need to use the new structure. Those processes begin this summer 2018.