Effective November 1, 2019, the Receiving Institutions (RIs) are responsible for the awarding of a degree to any former UW Colleges student who applies for graduation and meets the requirements of the UW Colleges catalog that they were admitted under. This includes any student who stopped attending UW Colleges prior to the summer of 2019. In the latter case, the RIs will need to work with UW Extended Campus to transfer in the student’s record for purposes of awarding the degree.


UW Colleges had the responsibility for posting degrees on behalf of the RIs from July 1, 2018, through the end of the 2019 summer term (August 23, 2019). With the dissolution of UW Colleges Office of the Registrar and the transfer of UW-Colleges student records (PRISM) to UW Extended Campus, who is serving as the Custodian of these records, it is necessary to provide direction to the RIs regarding the awarding of degrees to former UW Colleges students.

Next Steps

The RIs should have in place the process and mechanisms for handling former UW Colleges student applications for graduation. Students requesting the awarding of a degree should be directed to the RI, who will be responsible for determining eligibility for the degree, awarding and posting the degree on the student’s record, and issuing the diploma. If the student does not have a record in the RI’s SIS (because they attended UWC prior to Summer 2018) a record should be built for that student in the RI’s student record database. To obtain a copy of the student’s UW Colleges enrollment record, the RI should reach out to the UW Extended Campus Registrar’s Office.