Athletics at the branch campuses will operate using a club sport model, effective beginning with the 2018-2019 academic year. Under this approach, the athletics programs at the branch campuses will:

  • Be defined as “club sports” in all institutional documentation
  • Be referred to as “college athletics” for marketing purposes (e.g., view books, websites)
  • Continue to function under the structure and direction of the Wisconsin Collegiate Conference (WCC)
  • Be funded through allocable segregated fees
  • Differ from club sports at the receiving institutions in that they may provide paid coaches as well as funding for the operations of WCC (e.g., staff)


On July 1, 2018, each of existing the 13 UW Colleges will become a branch campus of one of seven UW System four-year campuses. The athletics model currently in place at the UW College campuses must be modified to reflect the new structure of branch campuses and receiving institutions.

Project Sponsor Ray Cross confirmed the Athletic Functional Team lead’s recommendation of implementing a club sport model for athletics at the branch campuses. The club sport model can be fully integrated into any and all structural, operational or fiscal functions of the associated receiving institution, including those directly associated with the athletics program.

Next Steps

Going forward, receiving institutions will work collaboratively with their respective branch campus(es) to determine the structure and relationship that will most effectively achieve the goal of providing branch campus students with an athletics experience comparable in many respects to what exists today while minimizing the potential for NCAA or Title IX implications.