The following questions and answers have been added to the Frequently Asked Questions page.


What is going to happen to the foundations affiliated with the two-year institutions?

Foundations are independent entities that exist to support the university, and it is expected this alumni support of each branch campus will continue post-merger.

What is the next step in the proposal process?

The next step is to bring the idea before the Board of Regents at the November 9, 2017, meeting to see if they give approval to proceed with implementation planning.

How will the UW-Extension restructuring affect 4-H?

4-H is an important resource for Wisconsin communities, and it will continue throughout the state. The Cooperative Extension Division of UW-Extension will become part of UW-Madison.

What support services are being streamlined? Will I have to go to a four-year institution to receive services, such as career counseling or student advising?

A goal of the restructuring is to improve services provided to students, faculty, and staff. The exact configuration of services long-term will be determined during implementation planning, pending Regent approval at the November 2017 meeting.


What is going to happen with the athletics programs at the two-year institutions?

If the proposal is approved by the Board of Regents, the UW System will work with the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletics Conference (WIAC) and the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) to determine the structure of student athletics at the comprehensive and branch campuses.

How will student governance be affected by the restructuring?

Per Wisconsin State law, students determine how they are organized at each campus (s. 36.09 (5), Wis. Stats). Student governance leaders will be asked to determine how they would best like to be organized moving forward. This conversation would occur as part of the implementation planning process.

How will student organizations at the two-year institutions be affected by the restructuring?

Student life is an integral part of the experience at the branch campuses, and funding from student segregated fees at those campuses will continue to support student organizations post-merger.

Will my financial aid be affected?

No changes are expected in the financial aid packages currently processed and awarded.

I am a UW Colleges alum. Where should I go to for my transcript and other records?

UW Colleges alumni should contact their alma mater for their transcript and other records.

What is going to happen to the guaranteed transfer program?

The guaranteed transfer programs will continue to be honored from the branch campus to the main campus. We are also committed to improving transfer from our branch campuses to all comprehensive and research institutions.

What will happen to collaborative programs between two-year campuses UW institutions that are not being merged under the proposal?

Successful collaborative partnerships and programs should continue post-merger. Regardless of whether a UW institution and a branch campus are affiliated post-merger, we will continue to encourage and build upon innovative programs that enable student success.


How is the University going to handle UW Colleges and UW-Extension employees who do not have a permanent immigration status?

The UW System is carefully researching this matter with a goal of ensuring a smooth transition for all faculty and staff. The UW System will contact individual employees affected by immigration issues directly.

Will there be salary adjustments for two-year campus employees as a result of being integrated with four-year and research institutions?

Compensation-related issues will be examined during the implementation process.


What happens with the buildings at the two-year institutions?

The land and buildings on which the Colleges are operated are owned by counties and municipalities. The land and buildings are subject to long-term leases with the UW System. This restructuring should not have any effect on that arrangement.