At their March meeting, the Higher Learning Commission’s (HLC) Institutional Action Committee upheld the recommendations of the peer review report, based on findings from the December Focused Visit. In their final decision, HLC stated that no further review or reporting is needed for the Restructuring Project. There are also no issues requiring follow-up. All future HLC review and reporting will take place through regular channels with the receiving institutions.

This is very good news and a testament to the hard work and collaboration that has taken place across the receiving institutions, UW Colleges and Extension, and UW System Administration for the last 16 months.

While HLC noted four areas of concern that they will continue to monitor with the receiving institutions (enrollment, finances, communication, and student services), they noted many more strengths:

  • Accountability
  • Board of Regents knowledge and involvement
  • Compliance with  HLC
  • Detailed planning and execution
  • Flexibility in local planning
  • Leadership
  • Memoranda of Understanding and Institutional Statements
  • Strong collaboration
  • Support across regions and the state

Read a detailed summary of HLC’s final actions.