I am a current UW Colleges student. Will I still be able to take classes at my campus?

Yes. You will not see any changes before July 1, 2018. After that date, some course names may change to align with the affiliated campus. We are committed to making the transition as smooth as possible for students. The goal is to actually offer more courses at the integrated two-year campuses, so that students will have more choices provided by the four-year or research institution.

How will my tuition be affected after July 1, 2018?

Post-integration, we will maintain existing tuition levels for classes currently offered at the two-year institutions to keep them affordable for students and families.

Will my financial aid be affected?

No changes are expected in the financial aid packages currently processed and awarded.

I am graduating soon. Are there any changes for me?

  • Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 graduates: academic programs will continue as normal.
  • Fall 2018 graduates: Starting with fall 2018, your diploma will reflect the name of the four-year or research institution affiliated with your campus.

Can I still transfer to other UW four-year institutions? Or do I have to attend the four-year institution associated with my two-year campus?

Students will still be able to transfer between all UW System institutions, just as you can today, if you meet the institution’s requirements. One of the major goals of this proposal is to make transferring credits easier within the UW System.

What is going to happen to the guaranteed transfer program?

The guaranteed transfer programs will continue to be honored from the two-year campus to the main campus. We are also committed to improving transfer to all comprehensive and research institutions.

I am a current student working toward meeting the requirements of the Badger Promise program. How will the restructuring affect that?

Any student currently enrolled at UW Colleges who is already working towards meeting the requirements of the Badger Promise transfer agreement will still be eligible for the transfer, as well as the financial support aspects of the Badger Promise program. Further details will be worked out during the implementation phase.

Will more courses be offered at the two-year campuses?

The goal is to offer more courses at the integrated campuses, so that students will have more choices provided by the four-year or research institution.

What is going to happen with the athletics programs at the two-year institutions?

The UW System will work with the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletics Conference (WIAC) and the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) to determine the structure of student athletics at the comprehensive and integrated campuses.

How will student governance be affected by the restructuring?

Per Wisconsin State law, students determine how they are organized at each campus (s. 36.09 (5), Wis. Stats). Student governance leaders will be asked to determine how they would best like to be organized moving forward. This conversation would occur as part of the implementation planning process.

How will student organizations at the two-year institutions be affected by the restructuring?

Student life is an integral part of the college experience, and funding from student segregated fees at those campuses will continue to support student organizations after they are integrated.

I am a UW Colleges alum. Where should I go to for my transcript and other records?

UW Colleges alumni should contact their alma mater for their transcript and other records.

What will happen to collaborative programs between two-year campuses UW institutions that are not being integrated under the proposal?

Successful collaborative partnerships and programs should continue, regardless of whether a UW institution and a two-year campus are affiliated post-integration. We will continue to encourage and build upon innovative programs that enable student success.



New information about the UW Colleges and Extension restructuring proposal will be posted as it becomes available. If you do not see your answer here, please feel free to submit your questions about the proposal online.