Will there be layoffs?

This proposal was created to improve access to higher education and maintain the UW System’s presence in communities throughout the state. The proposal was not developed with job reductions as a central principle. Our goal is to determine how we can ensure a sustainable, successful future for our two-year campuses. Many institutions have already been managing the fiscal effects of enrollment declines and budgetary constraints, and those challenges will continue moving forward.

I am a UW Colleges employee. Do I become a member of the receiving institution or do I maintain a UW Colleges or UW-Extension identity?

Employees at UW Colleges and UW-Extension will become an employee of the receiving institution.

Will there be salary adjustments for two-year campus employees as a result of being integrated with four-year and research institutions?

Compensation-related issues will be examined during the implementation process.

Will my transfer of employment affect my benefits?

The state employee benefit package will remain the same.

Will my transfer of employment from one institution to another affect my creditable years of service in the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS)?

No. Your WRS creditable service and continuous service date will not be affected.

Will there be buyouts/voluntary separations?

Voluntary Separation Incentive Program (VSIPs) are not planned as a direct result of this proposal, but have been planned or executed at almost every UW institution during the last several years due to budgetary constraints.

Will faculty be required to teach at multiple campuses?

This is being examined as part of the planning and implementation phase of the project.

How will current split faculty appointments between two UW Colleges’ campuses change?

This is being examined as part of the planning and implementation phase of the project.

How is the University going to handle UW Colleges and UW-Extension employees who do not have a permanent immigration status?

The UW System is carefully researching this matter with a goal of ensuring a smooth transition for all faculty and staff. The UW System will contact individual employees affected by immigration issues directly.


New information about the UW Colleges and Extension restructuring proposal will be posted as it becomes available. If you do not see your answer here, please feel free to submit your questions about the proposal online.