1. Sarah Burnett combines school with her small business

    Sarah Burnett

    Sarah Burnett says attending UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield was an affordable option that allowed her to stay close to home and keep busy with her photography business Read more.

  2. Krista Leistikow on her way to UW-Eau Claire

    Krista Leistokow

    Krisa Leistikow completed her two-year degree at UW-Eau Claire – Barron County and is set to pursue her long-term goal at UW-Eau Claire to become a student affairs professional. Read more.

  3. Find out why communications student Catelyn chose UW-Milwaukee at Waukesha

    Catelyn, student at UW-Milwaukee at Waukesha

    Catelyn, a sophomore pursuing communications, selected UW-Milwaukee at Waukesha because of ease of transfer to UW-Milwaukee. Read more.

  4. Hannah Preissner’s great experience at UW-Fond du Lac leads her to UW-Oshkosh

    Hannah Preissner

    A turn of events guided Hannah Preissner to attend UW-Fond du Lac. While it was an affordable option for her, she says UW-Fond du Lac ended up being the best decision for her in the long run. She now plans to attend UW-Oshkosh and major in kinesiology. Read more.

  5. Leigh Anne Sieracki values UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield for affordability and work in field of study

    Leigh Anne Sieracki

    Leigh Anne Sieracki is majoring in Pre-Pharmacy at UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield. She wanted to ease into college by attending a school with a similar environment, so she thought UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield was the perfect starting point. In addition, the tuition was affordable, and she was able to commute from home and keep working […]

  6. Patrick Guering starts exploration of geoscience opportunities at UW-Fond du Lac

    Patrick Guering

    Patrick Guering selected UW-Fond du Lac as an affordable entry to explore his opportunities in geosciences. Read more.

  7. Emily Shipman gets start on phys ed degree at UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield

    Emily Shipman

    Emily Shipman’s decision of becoming a phys ed teacher became clear after her first classes at UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield. She chose UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield because it’s a great place to complete general education class requirements and save money at the same time. Read more.

  8. West Bend fire chief drawn to help people, to make a difference

    Gerald Kudek photo

    Gerald Kudek joined West Bend’s fire department in 1984 after completing associate’s degree at UW-Milwaukee Washington County. Read more.

  9. Working with children drives Angela Greco toward psychology degree

    Angela Greco photo

    Angela Greco starts at UW-Fox Valley as an affordable option toward combining her love working with children and pursuing a school psychology degree. Read Angela’s spotlight.

  10. Affordable tuition at UW-Fox Valley key for Erika Cortes

    Erika Cortes

    Erika Cortes seeks to advance career through affordable opportunities at UW-Fox Valley. Read Erika’s spotlight.