Our two-year UW campuses offer affordable tuition and admit every qualified student who applies. We will maintain existing tuition levels for classes currently offered at the two-year institutions to keep them affordable for students and families. Uniting our two-year campuses with our four-year comprehensive and research institutions allows us to maintain affordable tuition.

  1. April Nutt pursues degree 25 years after high school

    April Nutt student at UW-Eau Claire - Barron County

    UW-Eau Claire – Barron County provides a close to home and less expensive opportunity for […]

  1. Emily Catena builds work ethic to accomplish career ambitions

    UW-Sheboygan student Emily Catena holds down two jobs as she looks to transfer to UW-Madison. […]

  1. Managing class and work sets course for Zen Johnson

    Zen Johnston juggled a full class schedule and four jobs during his time at UW-Rock […]