This policy was repealed on January 6, 2020. View the notice in SYS 340 Recission Memo pdf .

Revised: December 17, 1997

I. Background

Each institution of the University of Wisconsin System has a unit that maintains basic records of and communicates with its alumni. It might be termed Alumni Records Office, University Relations, Special Services, Graduate Records, etc. In addition to maintaining records and mailing lists, such offices often distribute informational bulletins, publications and various mailings to the alumni describing such things as continuing educational opportunities, e.g., summer session courses, institutes, workshops, etc. Most of these units are also closely associated with independent alumni associations, organizations and/or foundations. There are publications that, because of the interrelationship of these entities and the mutual benefits derived, may lend themselves to collaborative UW/Alumni Organization efforts.

II. Definitions

Alumni Organizations — Externally-funded organizations, foundations or associations which represent and support the academic or athletic interests of the university, college or school.

Alumni Records Office — That unit within a UW institution which conducts the activities outlined in Section I.

III. Policy

The Alumni Records Office must ensure that equitable treatment be afforded the various alumni organizations affiliated with the university. Many of the publications of the Alumni Records Office contain some amount of advertising or solicitation by alumni organizations for membership, donations, etc. UW institutions benefit directly and indirectly in both financial and nonfinancial ways from activities of alumni organizations. It is the responsibility of the Alumni Records Office to ensure that the alumni organization’s portion of additional, identifiable costs associated with mailing and production of publications be recovered from the alumni organization either directly through payment or indirectly through periodic receipt of gifts, donations, etc.

IV. Compliance

Each institution will periodically audit its alumni publications and mailings to ensure that they comply with the above policy.