Comments Received:

  • A representative from UW Oshkosh requested that the policy remain in place as the Student Technology Fee is an integral policy to their continued ability to update and replace equipment utilized for student instruction and student software availability. In a time of budget shortfalls and declining enrollments, as well as substantial UW System IT security policies requiring the use of up-to-date equipment, having money set aside for this cause is extremely important to continued compliance with those security policies.
  • A representative from UW-River Falls supported the rescission of this policy as long as the intent is to keep Student Technology Fees as a funding source and the same spending guidelines.
  • A representative from UW-Parkside inquired what would replace this policy in terms of supporting instructional technology and other related costs.
  • Representatives from the UW-Stout Student Association recommended that the policy not be rescinded and that universities across the UW System adhere to the provision that students should be consulted in the allocation of the Student Technology Fee. The UW-Stout reps noted that the current policy is not consistently followed at all Universities of Wisconsin. They believe that, with the rescission of this policy, the student voice will be further lost.

Response from Universities of Wisconsin:

  • The Universities of Wisconsin recognize the need for adequate technology for UW students. This rescission would not reduce tuition or the option to direct funds toward student technology, but instead would eliminate the required earmark and provide campuses with greater flexibility. That flexibility may be needed during times of unprecedented financial deficits. With this rescission, campuses would be able to evaluate all needs – such as student technology, mental health counseling, academic advisors, or other initiatives – and prioritize and fund them accordingly.
  • Universities of Wisconsin recognize and respect the students’ statutory responsibility to advise the chancellor on the disposition of student fees that constitute substantial support for campus student activities. We do not believe the rescission of this policy prevents that from happening. Each campus’ student body and campus leadership group would be able to work together for general budgetary purposes in a manner that best reflects their campus culture, values, and priorities.