Draft UW System Administrative Policy SYS 625, Youth Protection and Compliance, is being distributed for comment. This draft UW System Administrative Policy is related to the Draft Regent Policy Document, “Youth Protection, Compliance, and Data Collection at UW System Institutions”  recently distributed by the Board of Regents Office. The SYS policy is being distributed off-cycle so that institutions can review both the draft RPD and the SYS policy documents concurrently

Please review both documents and provide any comments by January 14th, 2022. Comments for each policy must be submitted separately (i.e. comments for the RPD should be submitted through the RPD link; comments on the SYS policy should be submitted through the SYS policy link.)

Draft UW System Administrative Policy:

Click on the link above to view the draft SYS policy and ensure that your feedback is captured for review.  Comments can include attachments, including word documents and PDFs. Please submit your feedback by Friday, January 14. 

Please find a summary of the draft SYS policy below.

SYS 625, Youth Protection and Compliance

This policy establishes the minimum standards for the protection of Minors engaged in Covered Activities throughout the University of Wisconsin System (UW System). The policy outlines each of the components that must be included in UW System institutions’ policies related to protection of Minors engaged in Covered Activities. The policy applies to all UW System institutions, and the scope of the policy is limited to Youth Participants in Covered activities–it does not apply to Minors at institutions for other reasons.