On December 27, 2017, President Cross has approved revisions to both UW System Administrative Policies 240, Relocation (Household Moves) and Temporary or Indefinite Work Assignments, and 425, Use of Personal Vehicles, Rental Cars and Fleet for Business Transportation. The changes are technical in nature, and reflect changes in the Federal mileage rates which become effective with travel/relocation on January 1, 2018.

SYS 425 section F: ADDED: The new standard rates of $0.545 auto and $0.515 motorcycle mileage rates effective 1/1/2018. For those claiming expenses for travel before 1/1/18, the historical rate is reflected.

SYS 240: section C.3.:

  • ADDED: the new taxable mileage reimbursement rate for moves that occur January 1, 2018 and after ($.545 – $.18 = $.365)
  •  DELETED language regarding moves that occurred after January 1, 2016 but prior to January 1, 2017. These expenses will
    now have been claimed
  •  REVISED: the associated Moving Expenses Spreadsheet has been updated to assist campuses with reporting