On January 19, 2021, Interim President Thompson approved the new system administrative policy SYS 807, Medical Withdrawal Policy.  For more information on the SYS policy revision, see below.

SYS 807, Medical Withdrawal Policy

This policy will be effective September 1, 2021.

Summary of Policy

  • This policy outlines provisions with respect to medical withdrawals and refunds beyond the 100% refund date.
    • Requires that one central office must administer the policy, and one central and secure database house all of the medical withdrawal documents.
    • Requires that the policies and associated campus procedures be made available to students as a part of the Registrar’s polices and procedures for all students.
    • Lists the supporting documentation requirements for a medical withdrawal approval.
    • If the policy has been revised, identify the places within the document that the policy revisions occur. When at all possible, list the specific section, subsection, and paragraph number for each revision.
    • Provides the timeline in which students may request a withdrawal and how to calculate the timeframe on transcripts and for repayments.
    • Provides a tuition and fee refund schedule based on course length.
    • Specifies how this policy should be integrated with related campus processes.

Affected Areas on Campuses

  • This policy applies to the institutional Registrar’s Offices and Offices of Financial Aid, as well as the office designated to administer the policy.

Campus Implementation

  • Institutions must adhere to the provisions of this policy, and must develop their own procedures to operationalize this policy. Institutions may also develop guidance to support this policy.

Additional Communication

Additional communication will be provided prior to the effective date.