Below please find a listing of all approved interim Regent Policy Document waivers, interim SYS policy actions, and SYS policies, procedures, and guidance published from May 9, 2020 through June 12, 2020.

There were three (3) revised interim Regent Policy Document waivers and one (1) revised interim SYS policy action approved. All interim policy documents, as well as federal and state-level flexibilities and guidance, can be found on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Interim Policy Resources page.

Two (2) interim SYS policy action have expired. All expired interim SYS policy actions can be found on the Expired Interim Policy Actions page.

There was 1 new SYS procedure approved which supports SYS 102, in addition to 3 guidance documents approved in March that pertain to the policy (also summarized in this document). There were also five (5) SYS policy revisions approved in the 400 series: Travel.

A brief summary of each of these actions taken can be found in the SYS Policy Action Summary (May 9-June 12) pdf .