September Policy Distribution

There is one revised policy included for comment in the September 2021 institution SYS policy distribution.

Click on the link above to view the draft and ensure that your feedback is captured for review during the post-comment period.  Comments can include attachments, including word documents and PDFs. Please submit your feedback by Friday, October 8.

Below find a summary of the policy.

SYS 822, Student Services Funding

These policy revisions will be effective upon approval. 

Student services represent the many educational activities which contribute to a student’s overall learning experience while attending an institution within the University of Wisconsin System. Section 36.09 (1)(hm) of the Wisconsin Statutes requires a policy for identifying the different revenue sources that may be used to fund noninstructional student activities. This policy indicates which revenue sources may be used for student services.

The revisions to SYS 822, Student Services Funding, reflect the recommendations of a 2016 working group established by former President Cross, which included students, Student Affairs Officers, Chief Business Officers and UW System Administration staff. The revisions address changes in the type and level of student services provided and UW institutions’ overall funding structure. The revisions also address some inconsistencies identified in prior Internal Audit reviews of UW institutions’ business operations in student services. Specific revisions include the following:

  • Under Definitions, changing “Counseling and Career Guidance” to “Career Guidance and Counseling.” The definition has been revised to reflect that personal counseling services conducted under the auspices of Student Health Services should be included under that subactivity, rather than under Student Services. The definition content for “Student Health Services” has also been revised to reflect this change.
  • Allowing all funding sources for personal counseling services without identifying any funding as the primary source. General purpose revenue (GPR) was previously identified as the primary source for such services.
  • Separately identifying the types of services within Student Services Administration, to clarify intent and appropriate funding sources.

Interim Policy Action and SYS Policy Guidance Approvals

On September 21 2021, President Thompson approved the interim policy action SYS 100-06, Interim: Lawton Undergraduate Minority Retention Grant Program Requirements Waiver Extension (Fall 2021)

On September 21, 2021, President Thompson also approved the revisions to the guidance document (Code of Ethics) Guidelines for Reporting Outside Activities Under UWS 8.025, which supports SYS 1290, Code of Ethics

For more information on these policies, see the summaries below.

SYS 100-06, Interim: Lawton Undergraduate Minority Retention Grant Program Requirements Waiver Extension (Fall 2021)

This interim policy is effective as of September 21, 2021

The purpose of this policy action is to accommodate circumstances presented by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) while maintaining the intent of SYS 170, Lawton Undergraduate Minority Retention Grant Program.

This interim policy action temporarily waives portions of SYS 170, Lawton Undergraduate Minority Retention Grant Program. This interim policy action specifically applies to portions 6.f and 6.g.

SYS 1290 Guidance, (Code of Ethics) Guidelines for Reporting Outside Activities Under UWS 8.025

These guidance document revisions are effective as of September 21, 2021

These guidelines support SYS 1290, Code of Ethics and describe specific requirements for reporting outside activities.  The proposed updates clarify that outside activities occurring at any time during the year, for which remuneration was received, are reportable. Updates to the Guidelines are as follows:

  • In Section 3, removed the phrase “for the period under contract to the UW System” from the first sentence.
  • In Section 4, added “remunerative activities” to the list of activities that must be reported is they occur at any time during the year.
  • In Section 4, removed the second and third sentences which stated that remunerative activities were only reportable if they occurred while under contact with the university.
  • In Section 5.A.I.1, revised the first bullet to read, “Professionally related outside activities occurring at any time during the year.

Removed section 5.A.I.3, which described work at another nonprofit educational institution or research supported by a government agency during periods not on university payroll.

Policy Effective Dates Reminders

There are a previously approved policy and procedure that have upcoming effective dates in the next two months. Please review the list below and visit the links to familiarize yourself with the content that will be coming into effect. If you have questions about implementation leading up to the effective date, please contact the policy owner for more information and clarification.

The policy and procedure below will go into effect on Monday, November 1, 2021: