Institutional Review

Two policies, one procedure, and proposed technical amendments related to the restructuring project are included in the September 2019 SYS policy institutional review:

To view and comment on the policies, please click on the links above. Please submit your comments (which may include attachments such as word documents, PDFs, etc.) through the links above. Doing so ensures your feedback is captured and reviewed during the post-comment period.

The deadline to review and submit feedback for SYS 175, the associated procedure, and the technical amendments is Friday, October 4.

The deadline to review and submit feedback for SYS 102 is Tuesday, November 19.

Institution Review

SYS 102, University of Wisconsin System Array Management: Program Planning, Delivery, Review, and Reporting

Comment period on proposed changes closes 60 days from the policy distribution, on Tuesday, November 19.

Summary of Policy and Policy Revisions

  • SYS 102 provides guidance on academic degree program array management actions, including approvals of new programs, review of program suspensions and eliminations, individual and lateral program reviews, as well as other required reporting and approval items at the Board of Regents or UW System level. Such items may include, but are not limited to, revisions to institutional missions, establishment of new schools or colleges, and the extension of programs to other sites, including international sites. As summarized below, public comment is invited in response to proposed substantive modifications to SYS 102, Section 6.3, and proposed technical revisions to SYS 102

I. Proposed Substantive Modifications: SYS 102, Section 6.3

  • Definitions for new terms are added to the policy for clarification.
  • The changes outline the roles and responsibilities for UW System and the UW institutions.
  • The policy clarifies that each UW institution will develop a program monitoring process and the institution will share this process with UW System.
  • UW System will provide a report on all program graduates to each institution each fall.
  • UW institutions will report on the results of their own monitoring activities as a part of the annual Program Planning and Review Array Management Report.
  • If the institution decides to retain a program, it will provide a brief justification to UW System as part of the Program Planning, Review, and Array Management Report each July.
  • Monitoring report data will be reported to the President of the UW System as well as to the Board of Regents on an annual basis.

II. Proposed Technical Modifications: SYS 102

  • Update/clarify/conform language. These did not change the policy.
    • Clarify some language (e.g. “elimination” instead of “closure”).
    • Examples of update of language
      • Add New Programs as UW System Collaborative (HLC Consortial) programs in the section. This now shows all options in one place.
      • Add “or reinstating” to suspended programs. This is in the policy. This now shows all the options in one place.
    • Add incomplete acronyms and clean-up second use of non-acronyms (e.g. “UW” or “AVP”).
  • Change policy to comply with Higher Learning Commission and/or U.S. Department of Education policies and/or requirements.
    • Remove “degree” in most places and add “program” in some places. In general, the result is “academic program” and “degree type”.
    • Notice of Intent
      • Add “provide name of lead institution” if a UW System Collaborative (HLC Consortial) program.
    • Add “provide suggested Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code.”
    • Associate Degrees
      • Clarify that there are three separate degrees.
      • Clarify the two-step process of notification memo and then implementation memo once HLC approval is obtained.
    • Distance Delivery
      • Remove 100% distance delivery reporting.
      • Reporting will be to “add or eliminate 50% or more distance delivery.”
      • Remove assumption that face-to-face delivery will continue.
  • Direct Assessment Competency-Based Delivery
    • Clarify the two-step process of notification memo and then implementation memo once HLC approval is obtained.
      • Remove comment period.
      • Remove “will issue an approval or denial memo in an expeditious manner.”
    • Additional Location in Wisconsin
      • Details regarding any cooperative or collaborative arranges must be provided for all additional locations.
      • Remove comment period.
    • Academic Program Partnerships (update language)
      • Remove “consortial arangement” and “contractual and consortial” language.
      • Update language to UW System Collaborative (HLC Consortial) programs instead of “Collaborative”.
      • Remove “will issue an approval or denial memo in an expeditious manner” for dissolving and reauthorizing as independent programs.
      • Remove “Cooperative” section.
    • “Add or eliminate”, not just “add” or “eliminate”.
    • Remove reporting of Major Code.
  • Update submission process for Existing Academic Programs and Degree Types to Online Program Planning Form. Add link to associate degree guidelines. These did not change the policy.
  • Change language for five-year period for suspended programs to reflect that the period begins on the date stated in the memo and not the memo date. The memo date can be up to a year before the suspension starts. This aligns with the rest of the policy that speaks to a five-year suspension period.
  • Add sending copy of accreditor report to APEI per SYS 175.
  • Update reference materials available on website.
  • Update document revision history.
  • Removed “this document replaces…” language. There was a revision after the July 2016 version.

SYS 175, Accreditation Visits and Reports & SYS 175.A, Accreditation Visits and Reports Procedure

Comment period on proposed changes closes 2 weeks from the policy distribution, on Friday, October 4.

Summary of Policy and Policy Revisions

I. Proposed Technical Modifications: SYS 175

  • Updated policy to reflect Higher Learning Commission expectations.
    • Updated accreditation agency name to Higher Learning Commission.
    • Updated title and office name of responsible UW System Office.
    • Clarified communication about submission of reports to the Office of Academic Programs and Educational Innovation.
    • Updated procedures about UW System engagement in Higher Learning Commission visits.

SYS Policy Restructure Amendments

Comment Period on proposed technical revisions closes 2 weeks from the policy distribution, on Friday, October 4.

Summary of Policy and Policy Revisions

As a result of the restructuring project, a number of the University of Wisconsin System administrative policies (SYS Policies) require technical changes. The changes reflect the former UW Colleges becoming branch campuses of the comprehensive and research institutions, and the extension function being combined with UW-Madison and UW System Administration. The recommended changes are not substantive, but rather reflect only technical changes that ensure UW institutions continue to function as intended by the Board of Regents.

Given that these changes are not substantive in nature, the revisions have been compiled in a single document, rather than feedback being solicited on each document individually. Attached at the top of the page is the document Restructuring Project- UW System Administrative Policies and Procedures Change Requests that contains a list of all University of Wisconsin System administrative policies (SYS Policies) that require technical changes due to the restructuring project. The comment period for these technical revisions ends Friday, October 4.

As you review the changes please know that they are still in the drafting phase. Additionally, as you look at the document you will see the original language of the policy (with the portion that needs to be changes in red) and the suggested language/change below that. Below the suggested change is a brief rationale for the change. If you have any comments, suggestions, or disagreements with a suggested change please utilize the comment form and include your rationale and/or any suggested changes in language in your comment.