Two policies are included in the November UW System Administrative Policy (SYS) standard institutional policy distribution schedule:

As a reminder, one policy transmitted in the October SYS policy distribution schedule remains open for institutional review and comment:

To view and comment on the policies, please click on the links above. Please submit your comments (which may include attachments such as word documents, PDFs, etc.) through the links above. Doing so ensures your feedback is captured and reviewed during the post-comment period.

UW System Administrative Policies: November Policy Distribution

Institutional Review

SYS 1, Development, Revision, and Approval of UW System Administrative Policies & Procedures Deadline for review December 3

  • Key aspects of the draft policy include:
    • Requiring the use of the standardized policy and procedure template
    • Defining the Office of the President, or designee, as the custodian of UW System policies and procedures

SYS 3, Development, Revision, and Approval of Finance and General Administration Policies & Procedures Deadline for review December 7

  • Key aspects of the draft policy include:
    • Expanding membership of the FGAPC to reflect current practice to include the Office of the Board of Regents and the Office of Information Security
    • Clarifying the ability of the FGAPC to waive the ten-day UWSA comment period for technical modifications (i.e. in the case of office name changes, rate changes, etc.).
    • Technical amendment to Section 6.F, Development, revision, and/rescission of a Finance and General Administration Procedure clarifying that that all three actions do not need to happen concurrently but are separate actions.
    • Recession of SYS 3.A, Finance and General Administration Policy Proposal Form, as a standalone procedure. The annual policy comprehensive plan developed under Section 6.G serves as the policy prioritization and policies that fall outside the plan are discussed with the appropriate Vice President by the responsible President’s Cabinet officer and the FGAPC Chair(s).

Institutional Review Reminder

SYS 102, Section 6.3: Program Productivity Monitoring – Deadline for review December 21

The purpose of the recommended modifications is to provide our campuses with a consistent process for monitoring the productivity of academic degree programs.

  • Key aspects of the draft policy include:
    • Deference to UW System institutions, especially for established shared governance processes
    • A consistent review process and criteria for bachelor’s and master’s degrees
    • A consistent process and data source for degree program review across the UW System
    • In order to prevent a rush to judgment to eliminate degree programs, recommendations for institutions to take when degree program enrollment falls below criteria
    • A timeline to ensure adequate time for degree program remediation
    • An appeal process for retaining degree programs that fall below criteria
    • A three-year time period for implementing degree program modifications before next review
    • Customized degree program review process for doctoral programs
    • Collaborative degree programs are reviewed as a single degree program
    • Non-admitting graduate degree programs are excluded from the policy