The Office of Academic and Student Affairs seeks review and comment of recommended modifications to four policies.

Three policies present technical modifications, necessitated by the UW System Restructuring Initiative and accreditation requirements. One policy presents substantive modifications, necessitated by campus requests for a consistent process to review academic degree programs.

Recommended modifications for each policy are summarized below:

Substantive Modifications Recommended for SYS 102, Section 6.3: Program Productivity Monitoring

The purpose of the recommended modifications is to provide our campuses with a consistent process for monitoring the productivity of academic degree programs.

  • Key aspects of the draft policy include:
    • Deference to UW System institutions, especially for established shared governance processes
    •  A consistent review process and criteria for bachelor’s and master’s degrees
    • A consistent process and data source for degree program review across the UW System
    • In order to prevent a rush to judgment to eliminate degree programs, recommendations for institutions to take when degree program enrollment falls below criteria
    • A timeline to ensure adequate time for degree program remediation
    • An appeal process for retaining degree programs that fall below criteria
    • A three-year time period for implementing degree program modifications before next review
    • Customized degree program review process for doctoral programs
    • Collaborative degree programs are reviewed as a single degree program
    • Non-admitting graduate degree programs are excluded from the policy

Review and Comment Timeframe for Substantive Modifications. We welcome broad participation in the review and comment process. Accordingly, the review period will extend for eight weeks, from Friday, October 26 to Friday, December 21, 2018. Please note: The review and comment timeframe for substantive modifications is delineated by the process set forth in SYS 2: Development, Revision, and Approval of Academic and Student Affairs Policies.

Technical Modifications Recommended for SYS 135, 140, and 145. In order to comply with the UW System Restructuring Initiative and accreditation requirements of the Higher Learning Commission, technical modifications are recommended for the three following policies.

  • DRAFT SYS 135, UW System Undergraduate Transfer Policy
    • The proposed technical modification is required by the UW System decision to ensure continuity of the UW Colleges Guaranteed Transfer Program, during the Restructuring Initiative, and it is included within the restructuring plan, which was approved by the Higher Learning Commission on July 1, 2018. Thus, the former UW Colleges Guaranteed Transfer Program is now included within the UW System Undergraduate Transfer Policy, as section IV.C.6, and entitled: UW System Guaranteed Transfer Admission Program (formerly UW Colleges Guaranteed Transfer Program).
  • DRAFT SYS 140, UW System Templates For Articulation Agreements Between UW System Institutions And WTCS Districts
    • The proposed technical modifications ensure that UW System institutions, rather than the UW System Administration, maintain public access to articulation agreements with the Wisconsin Technical College System.
  • DRAFT SYS 145, Development and Operation of Off-Campus International Educational Programs for University of Wisconsin System Students
    • The proposed technical modification sets forth a definition for “international student,” which is consistent with the definition utilized by the Higher Learning Commission.

Review and Comment Timeframe for Technical Modifications. The review and comment timeframe for technical modifications is delineated by the process set forth in SYS 2: Development, Revision, and Approval of Academic and Student Affairs Policies. We welcome broad participation in the review and comment process, which will extend for ten business days, from Friday, October 26 to Thursday, November 8, 2018.

Please see below links to the DRAFT revised versions of the following UW System Administrative Policies: