Executive Summary
Proposed Substantive Policy Modifications for Review and Comment
February 22, 2019

Summary of Proposed Modifications. The Office of Academic and Student Affairs seeks review and comment of proposed, substantive modifications to SYS 136: Required Disclosures for Participation in Certain UW System Services and Programs.

The proposed modifications respond to concerns that were raised by campus leaders, including: (1) The difficulty in consistently identifying “co-curricular” and “study away programs,” and (2) The difficulty in enforcing the provisions of the policy, as they relate to “co-curricular,” and “study away” programs.

In response to these concerns, the proposed modifications are simple and straightforward: The terms “co-curricular” and “study away” have been removed from the policy.

Review and Comment Timeframe. The review and comment timeframe for substantive modifications is delineated by the process set forth in SYS 2: Development, Revision, and Approval of Academic and Student Affairs Policies. Accordingly, the review period will extend for eight weeks, from Friday, February 22, to Friday, April 19, 2019.

We welcome broad participation in the review and comment process. Accordingly, this correspondence is being sent to the following key stakeholders: Chancellors, Provosts, SSAOs, CBOs, Faculty Representatives, Academic Staff Representatives, University Staff Representatives, and Student Representatives.