Policy Communication Survey Results Memo

In March of this year, the Office of Administrative Policies distributed a  virtual survey to stakeholders within UW System Administration (UWSA) and at UW institutions to obtain input on our current system administrative policy practices. The goal of this survey was to determine which elements of our current practices stakeholders find most useful, and to help shape future SYS policy development and dissemination process improvements. This was done in lieu of conducting campus visits as we were able to do in 2018. We received 62 responses to the survey, with each institution submitting at least two responses.

The attached memorandum summarizes the responses to this survey and our action plan to implement some of the suggestions received.

Finally, we would like to thank  all those who participated in this survey and helped in our efforts to continuously improve the UW System administrative policymaking process.

Policy Communication Survey Memo pdf

Information Security Policy Approvals

On July 7, 2021, President Thompson approved technical revisions to the following information security policies:

For more information, see the summary below.

SYS 1033, Information Security: Incident Response

These policy revisions are effective upon approval.

SYS 1035, Information Security: IT Asset Management

These policy revisions are effective upon approval.

SYS 1042, Information Security: Threat and Vulnerability Management

This policy will go into effect on April 1, 2022 (the original policy effective date).

Summary of Policy Revisions

  • In December of 2020, President Thompson announced that UW Shared Services and UW Extended Campuses would no longer operate as separate units of UW System Administration and have directed the Directors of both units to initiate the steps necessary to return these teams as departments of UWSA. In alignment with this directive, the above policies are being technically amended.
    • The scope section of these policies currently contains the language “This policy applies to all UW System institutions, including central administration comprised of UW System Administration, UW Shared Services and UW Extended Campus.” The amendment would change the language to “This policy applies to all UW System institutions, including UW System Administration.”

Affected Areas on Campuses

  • These policies apply to all UW System institutions, including UW System Administration. They apply to all UW System technology users and UW System data.

Campus Implementation

  • Campuses will not require any additional resources to comply with the revisions to these policies.

Additional Communication

No additional communication is planned at this time.