President Cross formally announced the creation of the UW System Administrative Policy series on September 8, 2016. The new policy series and numbering system will take effect on October 1, 2016 and has been a multi-stage project piloted over the past year. The new series will merge existing policies in the Academic Information Series, Academic Planning Statements, Financial and Administrative Policies and Procedures, and the Travel series into one cohesive numbering structure. New systemwide administrative policies will be included in the series. Other related items include:

  • A new website that will function as the official portal to access systemwide policies
  • A consistent format for systemwide policies (as older policies are revised they will be put into the new format)
  • Distinctive, cross-unit policy review processes for academic and financial/general administration policies (consultation with institutional stakeholders about policies will still occur and be enhanced through use of some technological enhancements that the new website will afford)
  • A prioritized policy review schedule allowing policies to be updated more routinely and permitting stakeholders to know in advance which policy areas are likely to be emphasized

Read President Cross's September 8 memorandum pdf .