Interim Policy Action Extension & Revised Frequently Asked Questions Document Approvals

On May 31, Interim President Falbo approved an extension to interim policy action SYS 100-01, Interim: Study Abroad Emergency Reserve/Contingency Fund Requirement Waiver.

Also, on June 2, UW System Chief Compliance Officer Paige Smith approved revisions to the Frequently Asked  Questions document related to SYS 625, Youth Protection and Compliance.

Summaries of the changes to both of these policy actions can be found below. For more information please view the documents on the UW Policies website.


SYS 100-01, Interim: Study Abroad Emergency Reserve/Contingency Fund Requirement Waiver

This interim policy action was enacted in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to temporarily waive the requirement for institutions to maintain a minimum emergency reserve/contingency fund for students studying abroad found in SYS 145, Development and Operation of Off-Campus International and Study Away Educational Programs for University of Wisconsin System Students. (The contingency fund is referenced more generally in SYS 810, Study Abroad & Study Away Programs.) At this time, the universities’ study abroad programs are still recovering financially and may not be able to meet the financial obligations as outlined in this policy.  While study abroad programs may not have funds specifically set aside in a reserve, UW System Administration believes campuses would be able to address any emergency through resource reallocation. As such, this interim policy action will now expire on May 31, 2023.


Frequently Asked Questions for SYS 625, Youth Protection and Compliance

These frequently asked questions have been compiled to help stakeholders understand and comply with SYS 625, Youth Protection and Compliance. Revisions to the document include clarifying the necessary vetting and trainings for designated individuals in question 7, adding question 9, and adding questions 13 through 17.