May Policy Distribution

There are no new draft policies for comment in the May Policy Distribution.

As a reminder, there is one policy from the April Policy Distribution still out for comment, listed below:

The policy above has a 60-day comment period. Submit feedback for this policy by Wednesday, June 23, 2021.

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SYS 165, The Academic Calendar

Feedback on this policy is due Wednesday, June 23.

This policy will be effective upon approval.

As a result of the recent Regent policy update and rescission of the Board academic calendar policy, it became necessary to review and update the System academic calendar policy. A review of the current system academic calendar resulted in the decision to eliminate material in the policy that is not related to the academic calendar. After consultation with System Legal and UW System Human Recourses and the creation of a policy analysis crosswalk with other system policies, several components of the policy were recommended for elimination. The rationale for these revisions is to make clear the UW System adoption of the federal credit hour definition as a guiding principle for our institutions.​

Interim Policy Action Approval

On May 19, 2021, President Thompson approved the new interim policy action SYS 1200-09, Interim: Salary Advances for Employees Converting to Biweekly Pay. Please see the summary of the policy below and the Implementation Guidance and FAQ’s for Salary Advances for Employees Transitioning to a Biweekly Pay Schedule for more information.

SYS 1200-09, Interim: Salary Advances for Employees Converting to Biweekly Pay

This interim policy action to addresses employees impacted by the conversion to a biweekly pay cycle. As a result of this change, the last monthly check received by employees on July 30th, 2021 will be less than previous monthly paychecks. To assist employees with any personal financial issues associated with the implementation of this pay schedule change, the UW System is establishing the an interim policy to allow employees to make a request for a one-time salary advance which is repaid via payroll deduction over the following six pay periods in calendar year 2021.

Expiring Interim Policy Action Reminder

The following interim policy actions will expire on May 31, 2021: