On July 31, 2017, UW System President Raymond Cross approved revisions to UW System Administrative Policies (SYS) 1030, 1031, 1032, and 1033. These policies focus on information security in the UW System and derive from the authority of the UW System President to establish and maintain a comprehensive information security program under Regent Policy Document 25-5, Information Technology: Information Security.

On the same date, UW System Vice President for Administration Robert Cramer approved revisions to UW System Administrative Procedures SYS 1030.A and 1031.A.  In addition, Vice President Cramer approved a new administrative procedure SYS 1031.B, Information Security: Data Protections, and rescinded SYS 1032.A., Information Security: Awareness. See below for a summary of the policy actions.

Revisions to SYS 1030-1035 Summary Of Policy Provisions July 2017 pdf