Policy Rescission Approved

On January 6, 2020, President Cross approved the rescission of SYS 340, Alumni Publications.

Please find a detailed description of the rationale for the policy rescission below:

RECISSION- SYS 340, Alumni Publications

Background Summary of Policy

  • SYS 340, Alumni Publications, required Alumni Records Offices guarantee the equitable treatment of various alumni organizations affiliated with the university. The alumni organizations’ portion of additional, identifiable costs associated with mailing and production of collaborative publications must be recovered from the alumni organization either directly through payment or indirectly.
    • Alumni Organizations – Externally-funded organizations, foundations or associations which represent and support the academic or athletic interests of the university, college or school.
    • Alumni Records Office – That unit within a UW institution which conducts the activities outlined in Section I of SYS 340.

Rationale for Rescission

  • UW institutions are addressing the division of costs between Alumni Records Offices and alumni organizations in their individual operating agreements with foundations and alumni organizations, making this policy obsolete.
  • SYS 340, Alumni Publications, calls for an equitable division of costs between an Alumni Records Office and alumni organizations without defining the division.
  • A defined division may not be the best fit for all institutions and organizations, so universities would be better off defining their division of costs on a per organization basis.
  • RPD 21-9, Institutional Relationships with Foundations, identifies requirements for ensuring UW institutions and their primary fundraising foundation and any real estate foundation operate in a manner consistent with the reasonable expectations of public and private interests. Specifically, the policy appendix requires a memorandum of understanding that defines the support provided by both the University and its foundations. The policy appendix notes that details regarding this support may be contained in separate, operational agreements.
  • SYS 362, University Administrative Support of Primary Fundraising Foundations and Other Affiliated Organizations, requires a cost-benefit report, which tracks if organizational costs
    are not fully recovered.