Policy Revisions Approved

On January 27, 2020, President Cross approved revisions to SYS 328, Memberships.

Please find a detailed description of the policy revisions below:

SYS 328, Memberships
This policy is effective upon approval.

Summary of Policy and Policy Revisions

  • This policy outlines the parameters for purchasing institutional or organizational memberships to professional associations, societies or organizations with UW System funds.
    • Technical revisions place the policy content in the most updated policy template.
    • Definitions were added for “employee” and “institution.”
    • Added language denotes that exceptions may be granted “to allow for individual memberships or multiple memberships.”
    • Added language specifies that it is appropriate for an institution to purchase an individual membership when it is “deemed necessary to the effective performance of University of Wisconsin System academic or administrative operations.”
    • Clarification was added as to who may approve such exceptions.

Affected Areas on Campuses

  • This policy applies to all areas and UW System employees.

Campus Implementation

  • Institutions may not tailor this policy to their campuses.

Additional Communication

  • No further communication is planned at this time.