There are 6 policies, 1 policy rescission, 2 procedures, and 1 guidance document included in the January 2020 Institution Policy Distribution.

To review a detailed description of the proposed revisions and changes, please see the policy summary document located at the top of each policy page in the yellow box.

To view and comment on the policies, please click on the links below. Please submit your comments (which may include attachments such as word documents, PDFs, etc.) through the links below. Doing so ensures your feedback is captured and reviewed during the post-comment period.

Policies with a 14-Day Comment Period

The deadline to review and submit feedback for the below listed 2 policies, procedure, and guidance document via the comment form is Friday, March 6.

• SYS 610, Uninsured Personal Property Loss or Damages
• SYS 601.A, Submitting a Departmental Claim for Reimbursement of Lost or Damaged Personal Property
• SYS 1290, Code of Ethics
• SYS 1290.A, Guidelines for Reporting Outside Activities Under UWS 8.025

Policies with a 60-Day Comment Period

The deadline to review and submit feedback for the below listed 4 policies, policy rescission, and procedure via the comment form is Friday, April 24.

SYS 125, Maintaining Continuity of Extension, Statewide Outreach and Public Service Following the 2017 University of Wisconsin System Restructure
• RESCISSION- SYS 126, Statewide Planning, Communication and Coordination of Extension Programs in the UW System
SYS 127, Identification of the Extension Function in the University of Wisconsin System
SYS 130, Programming for the Non-Traditional Market in the UW System
• SYS 1040, Information Security: Privacy Policy
• SYS 1040.A, Information Security: Privacy Procedure


As a reminder, one information security policy and one procedure were approved in September 2019 and become effective on March 17, 2020. They can be accessed via the links below:

Institutions should review the versions of the policy and procedure approved in September 2019 and take the necessary steps to be in compliance with the updated documents.