Following the 2017 University of Wisconsin System Restructure (Resolution 10956, amended by Resolution 10961), which directed that the model of statewide outreach and public service overseen by the former UW-Extension be preserved, University of Wisconsin System President Ray Cross further directed that System policies be updated to preserve this model within the new administrative structures of the former divisions of UW-Extension. Consistent with this directive, the four System policies below (SYS 125-130) were updated to maintain the philosophical and operational features of the existing model for statewide outreach and public service, updated to the structural requirements resulting from the systemwide restructure. The existing model for statewide outreach and public service within the UW System is a partnership model; the policies describe this model and the relevant oversight and reporting roles and responsibilities of the partners.

The UW System original policy language was changed only as necessary to meet this objective. These policies should be read as a set. These policies describe:

  • The continued character, coordination, and delivery of “statewide outreach and public service.” (Note: this is the new phrasing for “Extension Services,” which referred to the statewide outreach and public service mission of the former UW-Extension. This new phrase was made necessary by “Extension” becoming the exclusive reference for UW-Madison Extension, the new name for the former Division of Cooperative Extension).
  • The continuation of the domain-specific statewide outreach roles and responsibilities of the relevant former divisions of UW-Extension, adapted to their post-restructure identities, including continuation of existing funding and reporting roles and responsibilities.
  • The continuation and adaptation of how programs and services are identified and described that are offered through the statewide outreach and public service model.

The draft policies can be accessed using the links below. Please use the comment form to provide your feedback: