Telecommunications System Study Report

DOA-6497 (R08/95) Department of Administration

Wis Statute 16.99 Bureau of Telecommunications Management

Subject of Study�
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This report and an analysis of the proposed purchase must be completed for voice and data communications services with annual expenditures of more than $10,000 or voice / data telecommunications equipment expenditures of more than $10,000. Equipment and services include, but are not limited to Voice Processing, Video Conferencing, PBX and Key Systems, ACD, Non-STS Long Distance, ISDN and IVR, and LAN Interconnection (WAN) Services.
This report does not need to be completed for LAN equipment or existing WAN data communication systems which will simply add drops to the State’s Consolidated Data Network.
Submit two (2) copies with attachments as needed to: Department of Administration – BTM

State Acquisitions Manager

101 E. Wilson St, 8th Floor or P.O. Box 7844

Madison, WI 53707-7844
1. Proposed Equipment Purchase
2. Is this proposed purchase included in your Information Technology Plan on file with the Wisconsin Department of Administration?
No _____ If “No,” complete the rest of this form.
Yes _____ If “Yes,” does your IT Plan specifically cite the above proposed equipment or purchase, goal(s) or problem(s) and
specific objective(s), cost / benefit analysis, alternatives explored, and reasons for recommendation?
No _____ If “No,” complete the rest of the form.
Yes _____ If “Yes,” cite the specific section(s), page number(s) and paragraph(s) for the above information.

3. Goal or Problem and Specific Objective(s) (Attach additional sheets as necessary) Attachment

4. Cost / Benefit Analysis of Alternatives (Attach additional sheets as necessary) Attachment

5. Alternatives Explored (Attach additional sheets as necessary) Attachment

6. Recommendation / Justification (Attach additional sheets as necessary) Attachment

7. Method of Purchase: (Attach additional sheets as necessary) Attachment
Cash: Yes ______ No ______ Financed: Yes ______ No ______
If Financed, check which of the following applies?
______ Master lease ______ Private ______ Other (Be specific)
Agency Telecommunications Approval
Bureau of Telecommunications Management Approval