Quarterly earnings allocations and market value updates for the Long Term Funds have been posted to SFS/WISDM as of 6/30/2020.

Please read this important memo: UWS Trust Funds - Quarter End Process For Reinvestments Or Investment Transfers pdf

Please read this important memo: Investment Transition to SWIB and Fund Changes pdf

Accessing Account Balances, Terms & Conditions, etc.

Trust Funds 161/162 balances can be viewed in WISDM. The spending terms and conditions for each Trust project number can be found in the “associated docs” tab. If you have additional questions or need assistance with the WISDM environment, please contact one of our Trust Funds staff below.

Please contact:

Chuck Saunders – Director, Office of Trust Funds
Phone: (608) 262-9779

Garrett Gardner – Senior Accountant
Phone: (608) 720-2118

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions