Agency Changes

Beginning July 1, 2020 travel management services are handled by three separate providers – based on the unique services required. Our existing contract with Fox World Travel expired on June 30, 2020. This change provides specialized service to the various travel planners and travel arrangers across the UW System and results in significant savings.

  • Employee Services (Individual Travel, or “live sell” tickets of less than 10 travelers, Administrative Groups and Group Air) will use Travel Incorporated based out of Duluth, GA
  • University Group Block Services (10 or more on same flight and/or hotel) will use Fox World Travel based out of Oshkosh, WI
  • Athletic Services will use Short’s Travel Management based out of Waterloo, IA. UW-Madison is exempt because of its pre-existing contract with a travel management agency for similar services.

What Changed

UW System


  • UW System moved from a single service provider to three vendors based upon the type of service required. Most employees will be working with a new travel agency (Travel Incorproated) and travel agent team.
  • Applicable Travel Agency Fees are now charged at the point of sale (except for UW Eau Claire) to the credit card stored in the traveler’s Concur profile.
    • If you do not have a credit card designated to ‘Air’  stored in your profile, please add one.If you’re not sure how-see this tutorial. (skip to 3:40 for the credit card portion).
  • The value of all cancelled tickets was transferred to airline UATP cards. The travel agency will automatically use this card to purchase qualifying airfar
      • Easily submit funding for all new air transactions to ensure proper reallocation of funds. After purchasing your air ticket, use the UATP Funding Form, which will automatically route to your campus travel manager.


  • Programming to charge automatically UATP Cards for air bookings
  • All employees now have the ability to book for a guest. This functionality must only be used when booking for a non-employee. See – Booking Travel for Someone Else
  • New Hotel Rate page – requirement to display per diem rates in search results. Users should bypass this page without imputting anything.

What Remained the Same

  • Concur will be used for any online travel reservations (but will be fulfilled and invoiced by a different travel agency)
  • Corporate card policy and vendor
  • Ability to use an agent for service
  • 24/7 agency coverage is available, with a dedicated UW team during core business hours
  • Reach out to your campus travel manager with any questions

UATP Card Documentation

Expensing UATP Card Transactions

This training document provides important information related to the University’s UATP (Universal Air
Travel Plan) cards and explain the process of expensing transactions that were purchased through Travel
Incorporated using a UATP card.

Expense a Ticket Paid for by UATP Card - UW Madison pdf

Expense a Ticket Paid for by UATP Card - UW Eau Claire pdf

Expense a Ticket Paid for by UATP - UW System (Except UW Eau Claire and UW Madison) pdf

UATP Expense Report Training - 10-06-20 docx

UATP Ticket Purchase In An Expense Report - Screenshot pdf

Enter UATP Funding

Unused Ticket Guide – UATP Cards