Over the past 2 days Travel Incorporated has transitioned to a new phone and e-mail system. Unfortunately, migration issues led travelers to experience long hold times and unanswered calls. These issues have been resolved.

Please make note of the items below:

  • When contacting a consultant, use voice prompts such as “consultant”, “concur support” or “another question”. There are no numerical prompts; only voice prompts are accepted.
  • If you have an immediate need that cannot be done in Concur, call an agent at  877-811-9898 or 470-589-220. Emails sent to the Travel Incorporated inbox (uwtravel@travelinc.com) may take 1-2 days.
  • Please contact UWSTRAVELOFFICE@UWSA.EDU if you experience a hold time over 20 minutes.


Travel Incorporated Contact Information:

Dedicated Agent Hours: Monday through Friday 7 AM to 8 PM CST

Phone: (877) 811-9898

There are no longer numerical prompts.
Automated attendant requires the caller to ask for a travel consultant, online support, or another question.


Reservation Request Email Form

Emergency Support: 24/7/365 Emergency Support is available outside of core business hours by using the contact information above. Additional Fees apply.