Students, Consultants and other non-employees that are travelling on University-Sponsored Travel are considered University Guests. The UW-System Travel Office encourages you to download the Guest Traveler’s Reference Guide and send it to guest travelers prior to their trip.

Please take note of some of the highlights and ensure you are communicating these policies to the travelers:

  • Airfare must be arranged by a university employee. Guests can call Travel, Inc to make reservations if an administrative group has been established. The admin group code can be provided to the guest.
  • The use of our preferred hotel properties is highly encouraged. Preferred hotels are also listed in Concur based on the city. search. Hotel rate maximums vary by location and can be determined by using the rate lodging calculator for the destination.
  • Enterprise or National must be considered as the primary options for car rentals. Insurance is included in our rates. Campuses will not reimburse for insurance or the re-fueling option.  Vehicles MUST be returned with a full tank of gas.  Fuel is reimbursable with a valid receipt.