Faculty/Staff/Students and Guests travelling on University Business

In accordance with the International Travel Policy, travel to countries at or above a Level 3 warning by either by the Center of Disease Control (CDC) or Department of State requires approval by Risk Management and the Center of International Education. The Travel and Miscellaneous Expense Authorization (TMEA) form is to be used for this approval.

TMEA International Travel Approval Process

The travel risk assessment form and letter of support found in the International Travel Policy has newly been incorporated into the TMEA process. When selecting “Foreign Travel” under Expense Type, the TMEA will populate the travel risk assessment questions. The TMEA signature approvers will represent your letter of support.  This feature meets all the elements of Appendix A Travel Risk Assessment form and will expedite the processing of your requests.  When using the TMEA, no additional forms/letters are needed.

Graduate Students engaging in University-Sponsored International Travel should work with their department to obtain access to the TMEA form.

Study Abroad Students: Use the form found in the International Travel Policy form for Travel Approval.

Please contact riskmgt@uwm.edu with any questions pertaining to this policy.

Additional Documentation

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Campus Resources

Travel Policy and Booking Guidance: amahn@uwsa.edu 
TMEA Questions: ssc-travel@uwm.edu
College of Letters and Science TMEA Questions: sarahmk3@uwm.edu